Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Omar Martinez : Puerto Rican Hunk

Puerto Rico is a country located in Caribbean Sea. This Island is one of Spanish colonial region on Carribean seas, in fact before US take this Island in 1887, this island is still called as Spanish Virgin Island. Yes there are three Virgins Island part : Spanish Virgins Island (Puerto Rico), British Virgins Islands and US Virgins Island(before Danish Virgins Island). These Virgins Island is actually one area but those three countries who take powers of those Island take different direction of the Island. They changed the Island name into their cultural nation.

Puerto Rico is tourism country, the reason why I called them like that because most peoples of this country depend their life on Tourism industry. There many beautiful places and beaches spread along Puerto Rico shores and land. You can find a lot of virginal beaches in this country, they beaches still clean and untouched, I thinks this was another addition values why many peoples decided them self to visits Puerto Rico.

Besides Tourism, Puerto Rico also know as the most country who produces many Beauty Queen winner, As we know just Like Venezuela, Puerto Rico almost dominating all Beauty pageant contest of male and female competition. This was a proof that Puerto Rican is beautiful just like their land, many said that Puerto Rican look exotic with their sun burn skin and sexy Spanish accent. Just example Zuleyka Rivera who won the Miss Universe 2006 contest in Los Angeles, you can see how mezmerized this women, she makes the judges and all audiences blind with her carisma and Goddes beauty. This the reason why many Puerto Rican winning in all beauty contest.

But I'm noticed that not only Puerto Rican female , their men also beautiful and always winning the male beauty contest. Many sexy handsome Puerto Rican hunk dominating male beauty pageant for example this men, his name is Omar Martinez. He was Mister Puerto Rico 2006 and already winning two male International pageant in the same year when he got crowned in his country. Omar get crowned as Mr Expo 2005 and Mr Model Universo 2005. This was another proof that this men is number one in term of beauty! Check his sexy pictures and his biography below.

Omar Martinez Biography/profile :
  • Full name : Omar Martinez
  • Age : 26 yeas old
  • Nationality : Puerto Rican
  • Height : 5'9
  • Weight : 150 lbs
  • Hair  Short dark
  • Eyes : Brown
  • Hobbies : Going to Gym
  • Pageant Joined : Mister Puerto Rico 2005, Mr Expo 2005, Mr Latin Model 2005

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