Thursday, May 19, 2011

Aaron Bruckner : German Hunk

Germany is a country located in the west of Europe. This country is side by side with France in the West Part and Holland in the east part. Germany is one of countries who lost in the world war II against the alliance. Many German died at the time but in the same time make Germans peoples wake up from they're break down to becoming one of richest country in the world, and yes they did it, Now Germany considered as major economic country by Time magazine.

One of famous German leader in 20th century is Adolf Hitler. This men was the person who was responsible of the death millions peoples with his party Nazi. But this was only part of German history, the rest of it German known as the greatest country ever in the world.

German peoples have common features like blond blue eyes and pale skin, this was the general feature of Germanic race. Many German peoples like to drink and going to night club, so the main point in here German peoples i very open minded community. The biggest city in Germany is Berlin, this city also declared as the most advanced city in Europe.

Just like I said before German peoples is had very sexy features, no wonder many other nations declared Germanic peoples as the perfect race,But for me it was relative cause peoples have different opinion. But one thing that I agree is: German men is the hottest in Europe. I have to admit that Germanic men have beautiful charming face and charisma. No wonder many male supermodel came up from this country. and yes let me introduced you one of the. His name is Aaron Bruckner, he was one of many male German supermodel who making big in modeling industry.

Aaron already work with some big and high class company like Armani, Gucci, Prada, Calvin Klein and many more. In fact this men is always covered all high class European editorial magazine.This was another proved that German peoples is reckon as the best in term male supermodel producer. Aaron is still single and now living in France work as a male model. He was actually born from German father and Dutch mother and raised in Bonn, Germany. Now this Germany hunks had prepared for Summer fashion show in all around Europe where he already booked by many big European top fashion house. Check his biography and pictures below.

Aaron Bruckner biography/profile:
  • Full Name : Aaron Jan Bruckner
  • Ages : 23
  • Nationality : German
  • Hometown : Bonn, Germany
  • Hair : Blond 
  • Eyes : Blue
  • Height : 6'0
  • Weight : 166 lbs
  • Occupation : Male model
  • Hobbies : Playing guitar, going to gym, soccer

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